A February Breath

February 16, 2010

A new year, he says in February, but I’ve been busy. Too busy apparently to update my blog. Since my last post, I’ve had a show in Dublin at The Exchange Gallery with Gubu, who finally came to the capital to disgrace himself and be put on show. It was a quick show mind you, lasting only two weekends and less that two weeks. That said, it feels good to have him aired and better to have him resting again back in his box, as it were. The installation was a lot more work than I thought (isn’t it always?), which included 24 ancient to fairly recent TV’s, 15 RF modulators, 22 coaxial cables, 4 coax splitters, 10 SCART cables, 16 DVD players, 16 edited snippets of Gubu on DVD, 120 meters of phono cables and 67 hand-written anonymous postings about the recession.

The TV’s were stacked in a circle in the centre of a room. Each TV played a looped 1-2 minute movie, mimicking the country’s circular motion of progress. The only sensible thing to do then was to inflict the same motion onto the audience, and make them go around in circles in order to view the segments of film. Chaos was the order of the day, as 16 soundtracks played simultaneously, some of which were intermixed with random segments of static, rolling TV pictures, and a TV test card all signifying a societal breakdown of communication and a sense of general chaos. All a big grim? The recession cards posted by a gallery audience over a 4-week period brought hope and a ray of sunshine as one positive person wrote “It can get better”.

Gubu - Installation

Gubu Installation @ The Exchange Gallery Dublin

On that note, yes. Yes it can. I’ve been offered a 15 month residency in Draíocht, which is a fantastic arts centre in Blanchardstown. The residency begins on March 1st, and will involve me working on my own practice towards a show there in September 2011 and also with a youth group in the Dublin 15 area, which will culminate in another show and publication in April of 2011. Exciting times ahead, and for the moment, Gubu is being ignored.

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