Our so-called Leaders

November 22, 2010

First there was Charlie, who raped a poor and depressed Irish nation in the 1980’s. We got over that. We then voted for Bertie, a self-proclaimed socialist, who was well mentored by the aforementioned Charlie. Charlie died, Bertie made a nice speech, all the time preparing his bed along with another Charlie, fluffing his pillows with cash while taking the credit for a booming economy driven by hype and brown envelopes. Bertie too raped the nation, and before anyone actually knew what was happening, his sneaky shadow was gone taking the credit for the peace process and Ireland’s new found wealth.

I voted for Bertie, not because my father voted for his party, but because I believed he would give Ireland a new hope, a new confidence. I was a hopeful twenty-something that trusted him. He wasn’t like Charlie. He was different. He was not.

Now we have Brian and Brian. Their inept and arrogant party have never once apologized, never taken responsibility, have constantly lied and are still, unbelievably,  doing so. The tragic reason being that they would rather save their own pathetic party than do what’s right for the millions of people in this country. For the women and men whose lives would be changed by getting two measly hours help a week with their ailing spouses who have MS or dementia. Fianna Fáil doesn’t care about them. They only care about themselves and people who have money. They care about bankers. They will never change.

Think about this the next time you vote. Tell it to the people you know who vote Fianna Fáil only because their father votes for them and their grandfather voted for them. Tell it to the people who say they don’t understand politics (never bothering to actually think about it). This party deserves the respect they show the poor and weakest in this country. Hopefully in a few weeks we can all show them that.


One Response to “Our so-called Leaders”

  1. Nice synopsis.

    And it looks like the Greens are going to force the issue. Roll on Jan 2011.

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