This is Me

January 26, 2011

Eddie McGinley

In meeting with older people in Dublin 15 about participating in my fashion project, a view that was consistent with each person was that they be photographed first of all as themselves, in their own fashion styles. A fashion image is never a true representation of the model. They are like actors performing a role. I asked each participants to pick a location that is somehow relevant to them, and to dress as though they were dressing for a special occasion – putting their best side forward as it were.

The locations chosen thus far have often been related to the participant’s own youth, such as the photograph of Eddie McGinley above. Eddie chose his old school, in particular the very spot where someone took a photo of him aged ten on his confirmation day in Marino. He talks about this in his video interview, along with his own views on fashion, and his very expensive jacket that is the most expensive item of clothing he has. A jacket he loves but one he fails to understand how he bought, given its price tag. He blamed his wife.

Eddie McGinley

Anne Flanagan is a delightful woman in her 70’s, not afraid to say what she thinks. As it turns out, she will be the first person to take part in the fashion element, which will happen this coming Monday. She has gone for a look in the 70’s with lots of fur, very urban and chic. Hair, Makeup and stylist are on hand to make it work. January weather may well dictate an indoor location as opposed to the preferred outdoor urban setting. Time will tell.

For her own photo however, I photographed Anne in two locations. The first was in her own house, as it was the beginning of the bitterly cold spell and she is well known (so she says) for wearing three of everything. She comprimised for this shot and presented herself in some nice evening wear. Gok would have more appropriate words, I’m sure. The mask was one she made and hangs in her house.

Anne Flanagan

Anne Flanagan

Anne wanted to be photographed in front of the house that used to belong to her grandparents in Lucan. Fields of vegetables used to occupy the space where she stands. Her grandparents house is visible in the background.

Anne Flanagan

The only other male participant is Vincent Reilly. Vincent chose to be photographed outside the house in which he was born, which is in Arbour Hill. A couple of local kids passed by and asked me “who’s your man?”. I pretended he was famous and was shocked that they didn’t know who he was. They left intrigued.

Vincent Reilly

Vincent Reilly

Lillian Harris is what people would call a ‘strong woman’, a woman of strong and honest beliefs and does a mountain of community work.

Lillian Harris

Lillian chose the weir in Lucan as it was exactly half way from where she was born and where her grandparent’s house was, a trek she would make regularly as a child. Lucan is now her home. She used to wear long skirts but threw that out the window. What she wears now is not governed by her age. She likes who she is and dresses the way she wants to but still finds it difficult to buy clothes.

Lillian Harris

If you know someone over 50, I would appreciate it if you could get them to answer ten simple quick questions online. I have a questionnaire that will help in my research with this project.



3 Responses to “This is Me”

  1. debbied Says:

    I am very glad someone is doing this study. I find it to be intersting and delightful. My friend Anne Flannegan shared this with me. She lives in Ireland and I live across the world, so to speak, in the USA (state of Indiana). I love to know and see whatever I can about how other peoplelive in different cultures.
    I would appreciate it if you keep touch with me on your project. Thank you so very much and I wish you all the best.

  2. anne b flanagan Says:

    Thank you Debbie, I should think you will hear more about this.

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