This is Me – My Fashion

June 20, 2011

Pick a location that is relevant to you. Wear something you would wear to a special occasion.

The locations chosen were mostly related to events in the participant’s youth. Monica Anne Dunne, who used to model in her 20’s chose an area right next to the house she grew up in down in Co.Kildare. The jacket is an old one and one that required a re-mortgage, but she loves it. Mary Toole chose St.Stephens Green as she went to school just across the road and then went to work in the hospital that was right beside it. Betty Shanahan lives in the Pheonix Park, one of the lucky few who can. This was on her doorstep. Deirdre Owens also chose the Phenoix Park, in particular this pathway that she used to walk to meet her father in the Garda HQ. He died when she was twelve. Bernadette Gallagher chose the beach in Donabate. It’s a place she enjoys coming to. The others are already mentioned in my previous blog entry This is Me.

Each person talked about their own experience with fashion and growing older in a video interview, which is an unedited (but interesting) pile as of yet.

Monica Anne Dunne

Mary Toole

Betty Shanahan

Deirdre Owens

Bernadette Gallagher

Eddie McGinley

Anne Flanagan

Vincent Reilly

Lillian Harris


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