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A fullstop, for now

October 5, 2011

My Way Installation / Draíocht 2011

A quick post to show the installation of the exhibition at Draíocht in Blanchardstown. Lots of positive feedback in the visitors book, but alas no reviews. I might have to sleep with someone … no skip that.

The show ends on November 5th. Grab a nice (free) copy of the publication before they’re all gobbled up.

Eddie McG

Bettie S.

Anne F.

Where Do You Think You're Going (HD Video)

Monica A.D


Bernadette G.

Deirdre & Fran O.

Vincent R.

My Way Installation

You may wonder why the green furniture? Donated by Dublin Auction Rooms, the purpose was to facilitate the continuation of conversations and personal feelings on growing older, that were abundant during the making of this work.

A process table has two books, one which is essentially a brief synopsis of the process and extracts from my visual notebook. A copy of the publication is also available.

Process Table

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table / My Way Publication

Process Table


In the absence of any review, I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment …




Today with PK

September 2, 2011

Paddy O’Gorman came out to the opening last night, with his dog, and talked about the show on Pat Kenny this morning.

‘Tis Hung

September 1, 2011

Not much more to do. The prints are Lambda prints, 665 x 500 mm in editions of 8, sillicon mounted. I wanted a rich glossy feel, that is entwined with most fashion photography, along with the whole idea of reflection. The process has been quite a reflective one …

Betty S. 2011

Michael T. 2011

Monica A.D. 2011

My Way, Draíocht



Bealtaine 2011

May 13, 2011

The Clyne Gallery / Bealtaine 2011

I was delighted to be part of this year’s Bealtaine, Ireland’s festival celebrating creativity in older age. I was given the opportunity to exhibit Wearing Purple in the Clyne Gallery on Upper Exchange St in Dublin’s Temple Bar. For this exhibition, I wanted to take some of the work that has so far been confined to a one-off book that I made a few years ago, and put it onto the wall. The book was made up of the participant’s photographs, made on disposable cameras along with my own field notes. The only direction I gave them was to take photos of their everyday lives, no matter how boring the shot seemed. The contrast between the portraits I made in their homes and the normal snapshots of their daily routines provided a balance to the work that I was really happy with.

Thanks to Patricia Clyne-Kelly at the Clyne for generously providing the space, and to Dominic Campbell, Bealtaine’s artistic director, for wanting the show to happen.


The Hidden Garden (short)

April 17, 2011

I finally made time to make a 12 minute version of the documentary I made last year. My nice slow digger scenes had to get the chop as did a lot of my other babies, but I think it’s a pretty good summary of the film. See here for more info on The Hidden Garden and what it’s all about.

You can of course watch it in HD. If you’re interested in buying a DVD of the 46 minute edit, contact me. Only €10 plus postage.

Gubu & The Travellers

February 6, 2011

Gubu & The Travellers

Sometimes when doing a project, images are made that don’t quite fit into the context of the work, whether it is shown in an online gallery or in the real world. As such, they generally never see the light of day. This is one such image that I was reminded of yesterday. It was taken by my fine assistant on the day Clive Moloney.

The project Gubu was done as part of a 4-week residency with Limerick City Gallery in the summer of 2009, and born out of my own frustrations with the Irish Economy and our fine government. Myself and Clive went and done a recce on a Friday to this place in Silvermines about an half hours drive from Limerick city. The place suited the theme of a destructive landscape, so we said we would come back on Monday, by which time some travellers had moved in. Given that I was going to be dressing up as a clown and wandering around this place, I thought I should introduce myself. I chatted to what I assume was one of the parents. She said she would keep the kids away. Makeup on, Gubu’s clothes on, we began to work. The daddy’s came back at some stage and upon seeing a gobshite clown in the field they had to screetch to a halt and ask me to come up to the kids when I was done, which I did. This photo was taken as we were introduced.

Gubu may well be dying out as we begin February 2011, but if history is anything to go by, he’ll be back before long. More images and video can be found on my website.

If you’ve never heard of the term GUBU, see here.